About Erika

Hi there! I’m Erika and I am the founder of 50+ Fun Fitness.

Dancing is in my genes as I am very fortunate to be the daughter of parents who were both dancers in London’s West End, Europe & US during the 1950’s.

I however, worked in corporate for many years. In a “proper job”. As I moved towards my 50’s I was feeling little reward from my work & I was spending more & more time at fitness & dance events in order to de-stress.

Then one of my dancing buddies took me to a Zumba fitness class. I saw how everyone was having such a fun time just dancing about. All genders, shapes, sizes & ages were there & the music had so many different rhythms & styles that the time flew by. These were normal people who left with a smile on their face & a spring in their step, happily singing that they would be back next week. I realised then that I wanted to help people feel great like that too & here was my chance. I could help people by doing what I love – dancing.

I made a plan & I set about getting myself fitness qualified and Zumba Licenced. The idea was to get myself a less stressful day job & teach a few Zumba classes a week. That would make up for the missing pennies & help me to feel that I had a purpose – helping others.

Then I discovered there was a program called Zumba Gold. It was a less intense version of Zumba. Still the same great rhythms & happy smiles, but kinder to our joints & at a more manageable pace for us over 50’s.
From that moment, I haven’t looked back.

I made the decision to throw in the day job & focus on helping people via my 50+ Fun Fitness classes.

I have taken the best bits of the Zumba Gold program and mixed them in with some traditional exercise to music principles, so that we can safely have fun, get fitter & set ourselves up for the day.

I cannot begin to describe how it feels when the whole room is smiling with you or when someone shows me how they can move more freely now or tells me how their breathing is easier or just how great they feel after a class.

I feel blessed to have a job where, by sharing my natural gift of dance, I help people to smile.

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