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Here is what my clients are saying

“I now keep up with my wife, rather than having to walk 3 paces behind.”

“….It’s great to know that I can still do exercises and it doesn't hurt my back…”

“…The best thing is friendships. I have made some good friends…”

“…..My best benefit is flexibility, as you will see in my shoulders, my hips and knees….”

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How we can help you feel younger & happier, get fitter & make new friends…

  • You want a new hobby that you really look forward to, that is good for you & keeps you feeling young.
  • You like to keep things fresh, interesting & fun when you are keeping fit.
  • Perhaps you have tried other types of exercise but have found it difficult to find something you enjoy & stick to it regularly.
  • Maybe you are new to fitness & you aren’t sure where to start, but you know that doing something once a week is better than nothing at all.
  • You want to exercise with people your own age, have fun and make new friends.