About You

Where are you at?

You might be completely new to fitness & nervous about coming, but whether you are new to dance & exercise or someone who has done lots over the years, as everyone works within their own range of movement at our classes so you will always be very welcome. You might already do other types of exercise and need something a little aerobic and more fun than running on a treadmill. It may be that you just know that you need to move more and need to do something rather than nothing.

What problems might you be facing right now?

You might be feeling stiff & grumpy & full of aches & pains. Perhaps your energy levels are low & you quickly become short of breath. Maybe you don’t feel like you have time for yourself & find it tiring & stressful looking after everyone else. You don’t get to spend as much time, as you would like, socialising with other people your own age. You don’t like the gym. You know that you should be doing some exercise, but you are struggling to make it a habit that sticks. You feel like you want to be fitter than you are. You feel like other types of exercise you are currently doing or have tried, are boring.

What you need help with right now?

You need something that you can look forward to. You need a regular exercise regime in place to help you feel fitter & healthier & help you move more easily, giving you confidence to socialise more & make new friends. You need an hour or so to yourself to help you blow off some steam and de-stress. You need to find a way of increasing your energy levels so that you can have fun as you take on your busy lifestyle.

How can 50+ Fun Fitness help you?

You will get some time for yourself & a workout for your brain & body that feels like fun. You will get to burn off some steam as well as calories. After each session you will get a boost of endorphins which will lift your mood, increase your energy levels & set you up for the day. It’s not about getting the moves right but about having fun and keeping us moving easily. The choreography is designed to be gentle on our joints with no twisting & no jumping & we definitely do not get down onto the floor. Every class has something new & something old, so you won’t get bored. As it’s fun you will find it easier to come to every week, especially as you will want to catch up with your new friends there. We run a system that lets you come to class as often as suits your diary & go to other venues too. There are plenty of classes to choose from in West Bridgford & the South Notts villages. Our class will help to look after you, so that you are able to keep helping everyone else.

Where are your classes?

We have classes in the following locations:

  • Ruddington Village Hall
  • Keyworth Village Hall
  • Bingham WI
  • Cotgrave Welfare
  • West Bridgford, Lutterell Hall (Community Hall)
  • Clifton – Lark Hill Village
  • West Bridgford, Sir Julien Cahn Pavilion
  • East Leake Village Hall

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